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Looking for sentences with " Obligatory "? Here are some examples. Synonyms: 1. Compulsory 2. Mandatory 3. Prescribed 4. Required 5. Demanded 6. Statutory 7. Enforced 8. Binding 9.

obligatory sentence ex

Incumbent Requisite Necessary Imperative Unavoidable Inescapable Essential Voluntary Optional Irrevocable Unalterable Indissoluble Besides, my ideas must mean nothing anyway -- I'm one of the "obligatory" ones. Now, whichever of those groups he takes up he must take certain obligatory subjects. Maisie Harding recalled the obligatory studying of three hours each night during the week.

If I remember correctly, I left out a comma and changed the word "obligatory" to bold text. It is a kind of obligatory socialism that gets infused as a component of all liberal arts classes.

Obligatory in a Sentence

He has instilled new rules, such as obligatory communal dining, no nights out and strict timekeeping. Yet the obligatory standing ovation does exactly the opposite of what a standing ovation is supposed to do. The warnings would be considered "obligatory," and those who failed to follow them could face fines or 15 days in jail.

Non-life insurers are obliged to place 10 percent of their total reinsurance business with GIC, called obligatory cession.

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In Islam there is a difference between voluntary charity and what I would call obligatory charity as opposed to "forced". They can have food without having obligatory conversations like, "You used your ration coupons to get this for us, didn't you? Instead, what is "obligatory" in such disputations is merely that the two parties are "obliged" to follow the rules of the format.

It can be a game about and for her about the details of her pregnancyopening gifts, and share the "obligatory" cake absolutely!! The minister said about BRL Oh, and on the 'obligatory' Minnesota voter bashing: Let any among you whose electorate hasn't empowered an idiot politician or two cast the first rhetorical stone!

In operations of this kind, delicacy of handling equal to anything required in watch repairing will be obligatory, that is if restoration of a high class is intended. His statements following Russia's military movements in Georgia are obligatory, meaning he had to say something whileknowing full well his remarks were totally useless.

Some philosophers like Nahmanides follow the former reading, arguing that moral acts of piety or charity are obligatory, that is to say duties that apply to everybody. Despite my own religious upbringing, and all of theirs, none of them decided theological instruction was their role, besides the obligatory Bible, for which I'm grateful.

The word is also used to signify that unique factor of consciousness which is expressed in the foregoing definitions by "obligatory", "bound", "ought" by and "moral obligation". After my obligatory teeth-gritting at the "why does the only mode of historical adventure for girls involve them already being flat-chested?

There was a quick clip of Obama's speech and then the famous moneygall shot of Obama drinking his pint, which Williams described as the obligatory pint of Guinness in the Dublin brewery. Kevin Mitchell, a physics professor at the University of California at Merced, spends hours working on his Apple laptop but draws the social networking line at the "obligatory" Facebook page.

But I suppose having characters grow as people and learn new things means that the writers have to keep track of that instead of just inserting an obligatory awkward social situation per episode, har de har. In giving his word that he would come without fail, and not write the next day to throw them over for some function he should choose to dub obligatory, he felt quite as if he were putting his name to such a document.

The blog, called The Gardens of Paradise, features letters by two of the Toronto 18 terror suspects, an al-Qaeda propaganda video that calls fighting "obligatory" for Muslims and several of Al-Awlaki's video and audio statements. Rather than canceling the photo op or addressing the tragedy from another venue, the president chose to open with the kind of obligatory thanks and recognitions that would be appropriate in any other circumstance but not this one.

While a federal judge struck down important parts of Arizona's draconian immigration law today, namely the obligatory police check of immigration status, the battle over Arizona's immigration crisis has hardly come to a screeching halt.

Contrary to this he makes nothing obligatory which is not right, or somehow helpful to right, enacting nothing in which he is not first commanded, as, regards the principle, by that everlasting, ideal law, in which even his goodness itself is fashioned. What was officially described as "a privilege conferred on the nobles for their fidelity, and for the generous sacrifice of their lives in their country's cause," was regarded by those who enjoyed it as a new kind of obligatory service -- an obligation to supply judges and officers of rural police.

Many Communes refused to undertake the operation on any conditions and in consequence of this not a few proprietors demanded the so-called obligatory redemption, according to which they accepted the four-fifths from the Government as full payment, and the operation was thus effected without the peasants being consulted.

As such it shares with them certain obligatory objectives requiring the Court of Auditors and the other Institutions to "aim to promote its values, advance its objectives, serve its interests, those of its citizens and those of the Member States, and ensure the consistency, effectiveness and continuity of its policies and actions". Arabic theology before him -- between those commandments and prohibitions in the Bible which the reason itself approves as right or condemns as wrong -- the rational commandments -- and those which to the reason seem indifferent, and which revelation alone characterizes as obligatory, permitted or forbidden -- the so-called "traditional commandments.

Or, in the alternative, the distinction can be made within the divine will: one might characterize as obligatory those actions that God wills that one perform, and as supererogatory those actions that God wills that one perform if one is willing to do so, so that if one performs the action, one is doing what God wills, but if one does not, one is not doing what God wills that one not do.

Having fussed with average intelligence as well as with average stupidity over the various dogmatic aspects of human experience such as art, religion, philosophy, ethics, morals, with a kind of obligatory blindness, I am come to the clearest point of my vision, which is nothing more or less than the superbly enlightening discovery that life as we know it is an essentially comic issue and cannot be treated other than with the spirit of comedy in comprehension.Blood is thicker than water.

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The underlying dynamics of sibling relationships have been identified as balanced reciprocity, optional rather than obligatory exchange of support and the maintenance of personal autonomy. From the Cambridge English Corpus. To suppose that all formally valid laws are morally obligatory is a moral error. Partial effects can be interpreted in terms of mutual de stabilization rather than obligatory inclusion. Under most circumstances, few would expect an obligatory relationship between the activation of some eccentric retinal ganglion cells and the initiation of an eye movement.

The language exhibits obligatory subject-verb agreement, two pronominal genders animate and inanimateand morphologically marked tense-aspect, postpositions, definitization, and pluralization. He was in favor of obligatory instruction for children because he feared that otherwise parents would exploit them. Quite obviously though, this is not an explanation ; the question was, why is coreference obligatory in these constructions.

Take is usually a transitive verb, yet although it has an obligatory direct-object argument, locative arguments are normally optional. Incidentally, all this seems to indicate the special status of tense with respect to recoverability as the obligatory recovery in 15 above suggests. As discussed above, a corollary of a trigger-centered theory of movement is that any movement is by definition obligatory.

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The object agreement marker, then, seems to be obligatorywhile the subject marker is not. They might insist, that is, that there are only negative duties and permissions, so that all acts of aid are supererogator y, not obligatory. Nonetheless, this is a great book that should be obligatory reading for comparativists interested in authoritarian regimes and transitions to democracy.

Such contrasts make the volume excellent teaching material and it will also be obligatory reading for scholars. While belief reassessment and epistemic peer conflict resolution are epistemically valuable and even obligatory for many exclusivists, why think that they are so for all?

Days are rainy only when skies are cloudy, but rainy days do not make cloudy skies obligatory. If some course of action is an unavoidable means to discharging a given obligation, then pursuing that course of action is likewise obligatory.These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English Even then it is not obligatory. English Some implementing measures are discretionary, not obligatory.

English This is the threshold of the obligatory pension fund scheme. English The sacrifices have been balanced out between the obligatory and non- obligatory expenditure. English The same is true of the amendments which request obligatory consultations.

English This House has no power over obligatory expenditure. English My first point is that the pursuit of happiness is obligatory.

English The specifications for make the Council's levels obligatory. English I come now to the regulation on obligatory reserves. English My group favours an obligatory system of labelling. English There is obligatory expenditure, where the Council has the last word, and there is non- obligatory expenditure where Parliament has the last word. English He or she 'may ', Mrs Green, but it is not obligatory.

English It would not be a question of setting targets with a view to obligatory harmonisation. English In our country criminal proceedings are obligatorybut that is not the case in others. English In addition, there is a procedure for obligatory reports by states parties.

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English It is not obligatory to maintain Mr Le Pen's immunity. English Let me make it clear that these are not obligatory exemptions. English The majority has approved a text far too general in scope on ending the difference between obligatory and non- obligatory tasks.

obligatory sentence ex

English For the country strategy papers, consultation with UN bodies present in the country is now obligatory. English Our argument that proportional representation should be obligatory in every Member State is accepted.

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English The Commission has proposed certain obligatory objectives to be complied with over a number of years. English Finally, we would like genetic resources to be transferred to the non- obligatory part.

English This could be achieved by means of obligatory assistance insurance, which is called for. English Not for agriculture, since that must be paid religiously, being an obligatory expense. English This should be obligatoryjust as the black box is for aircraft and the tachograph is for lorries.

English My group does not reject the idea of this proposal on early retirement being obligatory. English Insurers and credit institutions are subject to supervision and obligatory registration and to clear regulations on policy. English The Union does not suffer economic overload and it is not obligatory to take the package.

English However, it is only obligatory for vessels of more than 45 metres. English Otherwise, some Members will continue to believe that this should be obligatory expenditure. English It means we also have the right to be consulted in the area of obligatory expenditure. English As soon as there is even a trace, labelling is obligatoryeven if the trace is not very clear.

English The opinion that Parliament will give - which is a non- obligatory opinion - is legally different. English Product labelling should be obligatory and apply to all the ingredients in a product.

English Social rights can be guaranteed and made obligatory at interstate level, which is preferable. English The wearing of the veil is obligatoryand adulterous women are stoned, as in the Middle Ages. English And to do that, there is no other solution than to reduce obligatory contributions. English If that is not the case, the Commission will be able to propose making the use of these standards obligatory.

English It will in any case be obligatorybut all the more justifiable if they are added to.But the development of modern culture has rendered these exploits of an unbridled fanaticism impossible, and no government would consent to enforce the once obligatory sentences of ecclesiastical courts.

By a law passed in attendance at school is obligatory on all children between the ages of 6 and 12 years. Allied with the Liberals against the orthodox Protestants, who were threatening religious liberty, the Catholics assisted in to establish a system of non-sectarian state schools, where attendance is not obligatory nor instruction gratuitous.

Fasts, obligatory on all above seven years of age, are held on every Monday and Thursday, on every new moon, and at the passover the 21st or 22nd of April.

According to Mommsen, although the institution was not intended to be permanent, in later times vacancies in the ranks were filled in this manner, with the result that service in the cavalry, with either a public or a private horse, became obligatory upon all Roman citizens possessed of a certain income.

The Benefices Act substitutes and makes obligatory on every person about to be instituted to a benefice a simpler and more stringent form of declaration against simony. According to law military service is obligatorybut the government has been unable to enforce it.

The act of further renders it obligatory upon every railway company to send notice to the Board of Trade in the case of 1 any accident attended with loss of life or personal injury to any person whatsoever; 2 any collision where one of the trains is a passenger train; 3 any passenger train or part of such train leaving the rails; 4 any other accident likely to have caused loss of life or personal injury, and specified on that ground by any order made from time to time by the Board of Trade.

Schedules were exchanged until a free weekend opened up, after our obligatory trip to Iowa and Betsy's parents. In the additional explanatory notes at the end of the book, after directions as to the wearing of surplice and hood in quire, in cathedral and collegiate churches they are not made obligatory elsewherebishops are directed to wear, besides the rochet, a surplice or alb, and a cope or vestment, with a pastoral staff borne either by themselves or their chaplains.

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The use of these contrivances is more common in, collieries on the continent of Europe, where in some countries they are obligatorythan in England, where they are not generally popular owing to their uncertainty in action and the constant drag on the guides when the rope slacks. The system of obligatory military service for all, introduced inhas been maintained, but the six years' term of service has Army.

By a bull of Urban made the festival, hitherto practically confined to the diocese of Liege, obligatory on the whole Church,' and a new office for the festival was written by Thomas Aquinas himself. In future attendance at the forest courts is only obligatory on those who have business thereat.

The lake becomes a sort of obligatory point on all routes to Tibet which lie between Ladak and Nepal. Primary education is gratuitous and obligatoryand superior education is gratuitous or supported by bursaries. Police Headquarters was located in the center of town between the City Hall and the library, across from a well-kept park that contained the obligatory statue of a civil war hero.

The age limit is six to nine years for the lower grade, and up to twelve for the higher grade, attendance being obligatory at the latter also where it exists.

The longitude of Darchendo, or Tachienlu, on the extreme east, may be accepted as another obligatory point.

The absence of the chief magistrate for more than a single day rendered the appointment of a praefect obligatory ; but the obligation only arose when all the higher magistrates were absent. And such a state of obligatory and irreproachable idleness is the lot of a whole class--the military.

As organized under the law of the 5th of Decemberprimary instruction is free and nominally obligatoryand is under the control of the national government. The harsh treatment of the Hanoverian demands was inspired by him, and won favour with the queen, while Oxford's influence declined; and by his support of the Schism Bill in Maya violent Tory measure forbidding all education by dissenters by making an episcopal licence obligatory for schoolmasters, he probably intended to compel Oxford to give up the game.

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The " obligatory referendum" exists in the case of all laws, while citizens have the right of "initiative" in proposing bills or alterations in the cantonal constitution. In the 9th and 10th century it was even made obligatoryby the decrees of the synods of Mainz and Triburon priests throughout the Frank Empire to wear it at all times, especially when travelling.

In the patronage of learning and in the exercise of authority over the morals and education of youth Laud was in his proper sphere, many valuable reforms at Oxford being due to his activity, including the codification of the statutes, the statute by which public examinations were rendered obligatory for university degrees, and the ordinance for the election of proctors, the revival of the college system, of moral and religious discipline and order, and of academic dress.

In general, these engagements bore upon the limitation of the number of cardinals, the prohibition to nominate new ones without previous notification to the Sacred College, the sharing between the cardinals and the pope of certain revenues specified by a bull of Nicholas IV.Attendance is obligatory. Mathematics is an obligatory course. When someone waves at you and you feel like you have to wave back because social system says you do in order to be polite, the return wave is an example of an obligatory wave.

When the law requires you to stop at a red light, this is an example of a time when stopping is obligatory. But the development of modern culture has rendered these exploits of an unbridled fanaticism impossible, and no government would consent to enforce the once obligatory sentences of ecclesiastical courts. He grunted, slipping an obligatory arm around her. By a law passed in attendance at school is obligatory on all children between the ages of 6 and 12 years.

Allied with the Liberals against the orthodox Protestants, who were threatening religious liberty, the Catholics assisted in to establish a system of non-sectarian state schools, where attendance is not obligatory nor instruction gratuitous. Fasts, obligatory on all above seven years of age, are held on every Monday and Thursday, on every new moon, and at the passover the 21st or 22nd of April.

Home Dictionary Meanings Obligatory. Of the nature of an obligation; compulsory. Required as part of a routine course of action or cultural expectation; predictable. Legally, morally, or socially binding; constituting, or having the nature of, an obligation ; required. Imposing obligation, morally or legally; binding : an obligatory promise. Requiring a matter or obligation. The definition of obligatory is necessary, required or expected as a result of law or social custom.

Origin of obligatory. Obligatory Sentence Examples. Words near obligatory in the Dictionary.This action movie includes the obligatory chase scenes. Recent Examples on the Web Serving notice is the obligatory first step in a two-stage lawsuit process.

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obligatory sentence ex

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